Overview of registration of green biological pesticides oligosaccharins

According to the Chinese website of World Agrochemical Network, oligosaccharins are natural polysaccharides extracted from the shells of marine organisms. They belong to the category of biopesticides and have the advantages of green and environmental protection. It can be used to prevent and control various diseases of crops such as fruits and vegetables, tobacco, and traditional Chinese medicine, and is widely praised in the market. In recent years, many companies have been planning product registration around oligosaccharins.

According to the China Pesticide Information Network, there are currently 115 registered products of oligosaccharins, including 45 mixed agents, 66 single agents, and 4 original/mother drugs. There are 12 types of formulations involved, with the highest registration of aqueous formulations, followed by soluble formulations, 13 suspensions, and less than 10 other formulations.

Oligosaccharins have the highest number of mixed products with thiazolidines, totaling 10. There are 4 products mixed with chloramphenicol, 3 products mixed with pyrazolate and morpholine guanidine hydrochloride, 2 products mixed with 24 epibrassinolide, quinoline copper, and thiafuramide, and only 1 product mixed with the other 21 components.

Oligosaccharins single mixed agent products can be used to prevent and control various crop diseases, among which tobacco virus disease has the highest registration rate of 30, followed by tomato virus disease and late blight disease. There are 12 products for controlling cucumber root knot nematodes, 10 products for controlling rice blast disease, and the number of other crops and control objects registered is less than 10. There are also 31 crops and control objects registered with only 1.

In summary, oligosaccharins have high selectivity for mixing, wide prevention and control spectrum, and can reduce registration fees and cycles by reducing residual registration materials and applying for green registration channels.

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Post time: Nov-17-2023