Development direction and future trend of pesticide preparation industry

In the made in China 2025 plan, intelligent manufacturing is the major trend and core content of the future development of manufacturing industry, and also the fundamental way to solve the problem of China’s manufacturing industry from a big country to a powerful country.

In the 1970s and 1980s, China’s preparation factories were responsible for the simple packaging of pesticides and the processing of emulsifiable concentrate, water agent and powder. Today, China’s preparation industry has completed the diversification and specialization of the preparation industry. In the 1980s, the production of pesticide preparations ushered in the peak of process and automation upgrading. The research and development direction of pesticide preparation focuses on biological activity, safety, labor-saving and environmental pollution reduction. The selection of equipment should be combined with the research and development direction of pesticide preparation, and meet the following principles: ① product quality requirements; ② environmental protection requirements; ③ safety requirements; ④ after-sales service. In addition, the equipment selection should also be considered from the aspects of the main unit operation of the preparation product and the key equipment of the preparation. Guide all personnel to participate in the discussion of equipment selection, and try to make the equipment selection in one step.

Compared with traditional production, automatic production line is characterized by comprehensiveness and systematicness. In the application of unit automation control system, special attention should be paid to: ① pretreatment of raw and auxiliary materials; ② acid-base neutralization reaction, alkali liquor weight control and flow control system; ③ high and low liquid level control and weight control of filling and batching tank.

There are five main parts in the integrated control system of lil crop glufosinate preparation production line: ① raw material distribution control system; ② product preparation control system; ③ finished product transportation and distribution system; ④ automatic filling production line; ⑤ warehouse management system.

The intelligent flexible production line can not only meet the requirements of continuous and automatic pesticide preparation processing, but also make enterprises respond quickly. It is the only way for the preparation industry. Its design concept is: ① closed material conveying; ② CIP online cleaning; ③ rapid production change; ④ recycling.

Post time: Jan-18-2021