Amazon admits there was a miscarriage in the “pesticide storm”

This kind of attack is always nerve wracking, but the seller reported that in some cases, the products identified by Amazon as insecticides can’t compete with insecticides, which is ridiculous. For example, a seller received relevant notice for a second-hand book sold last year, which is not insecticides.

“Pesticides and pesticide devices include a range of products, and it is difficult to determine which products are qualified and why,” Amazon said in its initial notification email But sellers reported receiving notifications for some of their products, including loudspeakers, antivirus software and a pillow apparently unrelated to pesticides.

Foreign media recently reported a similar problem. A seller said that Amazon deleted “innocent” asin because they were mistakenly labeled as “rhinoceros male enhancement supplement”. Is this kind of event due to program errors, some sellers mistakenly set asin classification, or does Amazon set machine learning and AI catalog too loosely without human supervision?

The seller has been affected by the “pesticide storm” since April 8 – Amazon official notice tells the seller:

“In order to continue to offer the affected products after June 7, 2019, you need to complete a short online training and pass the relevant tests. You will not be able to update any of the affected products until approval is obtained. Even if you offer multiple products, you must receive training and pass the test at one time. This training will help you understand your EPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) regulatory obligations as a seller of pesticides and pesticide equipment. ”

Amazon apologizes to seller

On April 10, an Amazon moderator apologized for the “inconvenience or confusion” caused by email:

“Recently you may have received an email from us about new requirements for placing pesticides and pesticide equipment on our platform. Our new requirements do not apply to the listing of media products such as books, video games, DVD, music, magazines, software and videos. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused by this email. If you have any further questions, please contact seller service support. ”

There are many sellers who are worried about pesticide notification posting on the Internet. One of them replied in an article entitled “how many different posts do we need on pesticide email?” this is really starting to annoy me

Background of Amazon’s fight against pesticide products

According to a press release released by the US Environmental Protection Agency last year, Amazon signed a settlement agreement with the company

“Under the terms of today’s agreement, Amazon will develop an online training course on pesticide regulations and policies, which EPA believes will significantly reduce the amount of illegal pesticides available through the online platform. The training will be available to the public and online marketing staff, including English, Spanish and Chinese versions. All entities planning to sell pesticides on Amazon must successfully complete the training. Amazon will also pay an administrative fine of $1215700 as part of the agreement and final order signed by Amazon and EPA’s 10 district office in Seattle, Washington. “

Post time: Jan-18-2021