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The fungicide is mixed with a fungicide, and it costs a lot of


Recently, vegetable diseases have occurred frequently, especially bacterial diseases. The resistance of conventional drugs has increased, and in the environment where the microbial agents have become louder, many vegetable farmers have begun to use microbial preparations for disease prevention and control, but in use. At the time, in order to improve the efficacy, the microbial preparation and the bactericide are mixed with each other. As a result, the bactericide kills the microbial bacteria and does not have the effect of treating the disease. The vegetable farmer is a busy life.

Recently, I received a consultation call from two vegetable farmers. One of the vegetable farmers consulted, his tomato bacterial medullary necrosis occurred seriously. After using the drug, the control effect was poor, and there were other good control formulas.

Immediately asked about the pharmacy he had used before, the peasant told the truth that it was a mixture of Bacillus subtilis and Fungicide. The second vegetable grower is to prevent the root disease of cucumber, and at the same time, it has the effect of improving the soil, and the microbial agent and carbendazim are applied together with water.

In the above two cases, the two vegetable farmers mixed the microbial bacteria and the fungicide, and the results were conceivable.

When using microbial agents, you need to pay attention to:

First, choose the right time for medication. The ultraviolet rays in the sun have a certain killing effect on microorganisms. You can choose to use it on cloudy or sunny days when the light is weakened.

Second, it can not be mixed with fungicides, including fungicides, because fungicides that are effective against fungi can also cause certain killing or inhibiting activities on bacteria;

The third is to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in advance. For example, in the prevention or prevention of root diseases, fungicides can be used first to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the soil. After 7 days, microbial preparations can be used to ensure that the microbial bacteria have a sufficient function.

Microbial fertilizer is a biologically active fertilizer. The application method is stricter than chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers. There are specific application requirements. When using, pay attention to the application conditions and strictly follow the instructions for use of the product. Otherwise, it is difficult to obtain good application effects.


1. Microbial fertilizers should be avoided at the same time as pesticides . Chemical Pesticides can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms to varying degrees, and even kill microorganisms. Microbial fertilizers cannot be loaded with tools that have been mixed with pesticides and fungicides. Microbial fertilizer should not be placed for a long time. It should be applied in time after unpacking. Once used, the other bacteria may invade after the packaging bag is opened, which will change the microbial flora and affect its use.

2. Avoid blind application of microbial fertilizers. Microbial fertilizers mainly provide beneficial microbial communities, rather than providing mineral nutrients, and microbial fertilizers cannot completely replace fertilizers. Any type of microbial fertilizer has its applicable soil conditions, crop types, farming methods, application methods, application rates, etc. Only by mastering these technologies can the best yield increase be achieved.

3. Pay attention to the influencing factors of microbial fertilizer effects. The performance of microbial fertilizers is affected by its own factors, such as the number of effective bacteria in the fertilizer, the size of the activity and other quality factors. It is also restricted by other factors from the outside, such as soil moisture, organic matter, pH, etc. Therefore, microbial fertilizers should pay attention to rationality from selection to application.

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(Source: Good Agricultural Investment Merchants Network)

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